• Tim Cooper

    Skedgo Pty Ltd

  • Tim Cooper has co-founded 3 software companies:
    SmartsGroup (regulatory and surveillance software for securities markets; now owned by NASDAQ)
    Edval Timetables (software for building and managing high school timetables)
    Skedgo Pty Ltd – MaaS back-end and front-end technology
    Skedgo is Tim’s current home. Skedgo is the world’s leading provider of MaaS technology: trip planner algorithms provided as a service, bookings and payments and front-end apps. Customisations can be done at the back-end, e.g. adding private transport modes to the trip planner results, and also to the front-end, e.g. custom look’n’feels for the user-facing apps.
    Tim believes in the Pay-as-you-go flavour of MaaS, and he believes that MaaS should initially focus on out-of-towners.