• Tang Wai Leung

    Adjunct Professor/University of Hong Kong

  • Ir Tang is both a qualified civil engineer and a town planner. Having obtained BSc(Eng) in Civil Engineering and MSc in Urban Planning from the University of Hong Kong, he had worked in the Transport Department for over 20 years in strategic transport planning and is now serving as the Deputy Commissioner overseeing the traffic engineering, smart mobility roadmap and technical services in the department. He has over 30 years of public services and managed the delivery of major infrastructure projects (including new towns, transport infrastructure, science park, high density housing projects, airport and railway development). He has also worked in Policy Bureau and departments including the then Housing Bureau, Environmental Protection Department and various works departments.

    Ir Tang had been a visiting scholar with the UC Berkeley, United States back in 1995 and is now an Adjunct Professor in transport planning with the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Hong Kong.