• Stephen Hewett

    President/ITS New Zealand

  • Stephen has over 30 years’ experience in all facets of transportation engineer including   planning, design, operations and performance of transport systems. In his current role as Business Director with Beca, a New Zealand employee-owned company, Stephen is actively pursuing growth opportunities that are developing from advancements in transport technology. This has piqued his interest in future skills and training that will be required to take advantage of this technology. Stephen was also involved in a research project looking at future skills and training requirements for the New Zealand Transport sector.

    Through his role at Beca and involvement with Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) New Zealand as President, Stephen has become acutely aware of the knowledge gaps and skills that will be required to take advantage of emerging transport technology. To address this knowledge gap, ITS NZ has developed the Young Transport Professionals (YTP) – Youth sector. The goal of the YTP is to provide greater engagement with our future generation through a wide programme of webinars, networking events and our branded T-Tech conference.