• Scott Smith

    Chief Executive Officer/Council of Mayors South East Queensland

  • Scott Smith was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Council of Mayors (SEQ) in December 2017. The Council of Mayors (SEQ) has played an integral role in planning for the future of transport in SEQ, securing a commitment to an SEQ City Deal and is leading the region’s investigations towards an SEQ 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    What does the forum theme “ITS Innovation Creating Liveable Communities” mean to you?
    For the Council of Mayors (SEQ), safe, efficient and reliable transport has always been the key to the creation of a liveable region. This is a fantastic theme to explore how technology and innovation in transport can enhance how we move, work and play across South East Queensland.

    Please provide a short quote about why you are excited about participating at the ITS Asia Pacific Forum on Intelligent Transport Systems 2021?
    Transport, technology and innovation are all central themes to the work of the Council of Mayors (SEQ). The ITS Asia Pacific Forum is a great opportunity to share and learn from our experiences in South East Queensland.

    Where do you see the Intelligent Transport industry in the next 5 to 10 years?
    The growth of South East Queensland demands a new way of thinking about how our transport network and services evolve to meet the needs of our residents. Intelligent transport provides those opportunities to create efficiencies, add value and offer a network that is more accessible and inclusive for all of South East Queensland.