• Junichi Hirose

    Highway Industry Development Organization

  • -1970: Graduated from National Nara Technical College, Electrical Engineering
    -1970: Joined NEC. Joined NEC America as program manager from 1981 through 1986, Joined ITPS (Institution for Transport Policy Studies) as program manager from 2003 through 2009
    -Joined Keio University Co-Mobility Society Research Center in 2013 as Researcher
    -Joined HIDO (Highway Industry Development Organization) in 2015 as Senior Researcher
    -2017: Promoted to Group Leader of International Research Group responsible for performing dissemination of Japanese C-ITS system technologies including ETC2.0 into global ITS society through various research activities including ISO/TC204 international standardization activity

    Note: HIDO is governmental consultant supporting Japanese MLIT and regional governments. HIDO is responsible in requirement standardization for ETC2.0 system.