• Julian Broadbent

    Founder & CEO/AEV Robotics

  • Founder & CEO of AEV Robotics, Julian Broadbent is the former Head of Global Planning at General Motors who has worked within technology businesses, lead racing teams and delivered automotive projects around the world.

    What does the forum theme “ITS Innovation Creating Liveable Communities” mean to you?
    As the world becomes more populated and we have the opportunity to improve the lives of lots of people living within rapidly growing communities. This requires fresh thinking and innovation to create new products, new services and new forms of governance. That’s what the ITS Summit is all about.

    Why are you excited about participating at the ITS Asia Pacific Forum on Intelligent Transport Systems 2020?
    To have a more enjoyable, sustainable and efficient transport system we need to collaborate. I’m excited about sharing ideas with, and learning from, leaders in this space.

    Where do you see the Intelligent Transport industry in the next 5 to 10 years?
    As vehicle ownership models change, businesses that thrive on pay as you go will become more prevalent. This will drive a shift in consumer behaviour and insurance models, government revenue models and corporate business models will be rapidly disrupted. This will give rise to a more connected and intelligent transport system.