• Dean Zabrieszach

    President of ITS Australia/CEO of HMI Technologies

  • Dean was appointed to the position of CEO/Director of HMI Technologies in Australia in March 2015 and is currently representing Australia (and Melbourne) on a number of groups as follows:

    • a Board Member and President of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Australia,
    • a Board Member and Chair of the ITS Asia Pacific Board of Directors,
    • a member of the ITS World Congress International Program Committee,
    • the Australian Head of Delegation and Vice Chair on the International Standards Organisation Technical Committee 204 (ISO TC 204) for Intelligent Transport Systems,
    • the Chair of Australian Standards Committee IT-023 for Intelligent Transport Systems, and
    • a Club Melbourne Ambassador.

    Prior to joining HMI Technologies, Dean worked with VicRoads, the state road authority of Victoria, from 1984 to 2015, in a number of senior positions including Manager Program Development, Manager Maintenance Program, Manager Intelligent Transport Systems, Director Road User Services and Director Road Operations.

    As President of ITS Australia, Dean continues, to push for member value across all aspects of the operations of ITS Australia; gender, cultural and capability diversity in the activities of ITS Australia; and to represent the organisation professionally and ethically both nationally and internationally as it continues to be one of the best ITS National Associations in the world.