• Mobileye

  • Mobileye’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) technology is deployed in more than 40 million vehicles today, and is integrated into hundreds of new car models from the world’s major automakers including Audi, BMW, FCA, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai / Kia, Nissan, Volkswagen, and more.

    Mobileye began with the vision of reducing vehicle collisions and resulting injuries and fatalities. Today, Mobileye makes one of the most advanced collision avoidance systems on the market, while working toward autonomous driving and the coming autonomous mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) revolution in road safety.

    Since 2004, Mobileye has offered a retrofit version of its technology to fleets across the globe, increasing fleet safety, efficiency, and cost savings. This technology can be installed in almost any vehicle and offers numerous lifesaving alerts in one system, helping the driver to avoid or mitigate collisions.

    In 2018, Mobileye revealed the first-ever connected version of its retrofit technology – Mobileye® 8 Connect™. As equipped vehicles travel about the city, the device collects data about what it sees, sending that data to the cloud. We turn our roadscape data into relevant, up-to-date GIS layers, so that local governments, transportation authorities, utility companies, and businesses can improve mobility, ease asset maintenance and make streets better for all.