• Aldridge Traffic Controllers

  • ATC as a global SCATS® distributor is the leading developer and manufacturer for SCATS® VC6 DSRC ready traffic signal controllers. Our ATSC4 controller is rated as the most reliable and advanced SCATS® controller by the local and Global markets. ATC provides UPS and workstations for testing and configuring in a safe simulated environment, and for optimising configurations outside of the live traffic road corridors. Leaders in smart city C-ITS technologies to interface with our controllers.

    At BRAUMS we believe in a future that delivers safer, cleaner and more vibrant cities for our generation and future generations to come. We exist to support the convergence of automation, IT and intelligent vehicles and see an ever-increasing demand for more connectivity across a digital transport network. Our goal is to travel the road not yet built, a road that focused on productive solutions encompassing new emerging technologies as we navigate together though the challenges of an autonomous vehicle future.

    We at BRAUMS are early adaptors, providing solutions for today and for tomorrows digital transport corridors.