Interview with Mike Keating – Future vehicle technology (including connected and automated vehicles)

Assistant Commissioner Keating is the Executive Officer for the Queensland Police Service Road Policing Command which provides the specialist road safety operational and strategic capability for the State.

Assistant Commissioner Keating is the current chair of the Australian and New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency Road Policing Network. He has chaired national working groups producing the reports Australia second generational approach to roadside drug testing for the Transport and Infrastructure Council and Remote Engine Immobilisers for the Ministerial Council for Police and Emergency Management.

He is very closely associated with the policy agencies and research communities for road safety at both a state and national level.

What does the forum theme “ITS Innovation Creating Liveable Communities” mean to you?
It exemplifies that the models of community that we have now are going to change. Through innovation we can create more liveable spaces and community models.

Why are you excited about participating at the ITS Asia Pacific Forum on Intelligent Transport Systems 2020?
I am not a technical person. I do know however, that I need to be more informed about integrated technologies to be an active participant in the future of transport and life in general .

Where do you see the Intelligent Transport industry in the next 5 to 10 years?
I am not sure anyone actually knows the pace of change that is coming. I think we all know that in ten years our transport world and our entire life will be significantly different to what we see and experience now.

Mike Keating will be speaking at the ITS Asia Pacific Forum on Intelligent Transport Systems which will be taking place on the 25 – 28 May, 2020. For more information on our other speakers, please visit our invited speakers page or program.