Interview with Mahmood Hikmet – Connected and Automated Vehicles

Dr Mahmood Hikmet is the Head of Research and Development at Ohmio and HMI Technologies and is tasked with overseeing and synchronising R&D activity for the autonomous vehicle program and all other areas of research. As a science communicator, Mahmood’s focus is on bringing across technical information to non-technical stakeholders. Throughout his career Mahmood has been closely involved with the direct development of IoT infrastructure for intelligent transportation and mobility. Most recently, Mahmood oversaw the development of the first 5G connected autonomous shuttle in the world in conjunction with Spark as well as the delivery of the largest 3d printed autonomous vehicle in the world, the Ohmio LIFT, to Christchurch Airport.

Mahmood holds a PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Auckland.

What does the forum theme “ITS Innovation Creating Liveable Communities” mean to you?
Improving accessibility and availability to more efficient transportation while taking human factors into account.

Why are you excited about participating at the ITS Asia Pacific Forum on Intelligent Transport Systems 2020?
It’s easy to lose track of what’s happening in a fast-growing and changing field like ITS. The ITS Asia Pacific Forum is a great opportunity to have a look around and get caught up to what the state of the art is.

Where do you see the Intelligent Transport industry in the next 5 to 10 years?
I’m not too worried about the technical side – that will keep incrementally improving as we’ve seen in a lot of other industries. What will really change the face of ITS are the new business models enabled by the technology, as well as regulatory and legislative strategy of the environments where they’re rolled out. That’s something that is very difficult to predict and will directly impact where the ITS industry goes in the future.

Mahmood Hikmet will be speaking at the ITS Asia Pacific Forum on Intelligent Transport Systems which will be taking place on the 25 – 28 May, 2020. For more information on our other speakers, please visit our invited speakers page or program.